“The creative scene in LINZ is filled with people who can change the world with their minds but you just have to do it” RXO aka Richy is already taking over the underground rap screen in Linz. He’s a rapper based in Linz Austria and has big plans for lost city.

In 2K18 RXO released his first single „LOST“ after that more songs like Aight, Roses and „Way Up“ were produced. He is a member of an underground group called „URBAN CULT“ and he is also a self representing artist.

Everything began spontaneously as he was with his friends, at the age of 15, when they were playing and trying out new stuff. A friend of his borrowed him a microphone and he started recording himself freestyling. As his friends found out what he was doing they were all amused and pushed him forward, to the point where he realised that this was his passion.

„I’m in my 20s something feel like I could have the world. No navigation so I think I’m on the wrong course. Tried to catch my dreams but I only caught up L‘s. No legend ever born without a motherfuckin fail I try to be good in a bad world.“

His main type of music is a mixture of RnB and Rap.  Although he does not categorise his music to a specific music genre. He likes to mix different types of sounds and cultures. Sometimes it depends on how he feels, so the beats and his words create a story based on his feelings and his accomplishments. At this point RXO and his friends created the music label URBAN CULT. With them he created a lot of new tracks and developed a new underground subculture here in Linz Austria. Many people would say that this small city hasn’t effected them but on URBAN CULT this is a city were they grew up, got all the experiences and where their career began. RXO is representing his hometown in a  completely new point of view. He has the talent and the vision to change something in a lost city where people’s dreams were already given up.

His plans for this year are already in progress. A new EP and a few music videos are coming up next. One of his main focus is on writing new songs in english but also exclusively in german. RXO is hustling for his goals without any hesitation and is willing to archive for what the hopeless city has lost sense of.

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