A new year has come around and it has brought a lot of big news along. A new team, branding and products are incoming soon. In 2018 BLASIAN WORLDWIDE released their first spring collection (Freedom is Luxury). But suddenly they disappeared from the radar.

After a big break they finally gave us some information about their future projects and rebranding. BLASIAN WORLDWIDE aka BLSN is going to focus more on affordable streetwear collections and also on limited exclusive high fashion pieces. According to latest rumors, Amina S. aka @ayeecid will join the team as art director. She will introduce her newest ideas and visions to the brand, with a highly developed sense of aesthetic. Also J. Simon will take over the management and joins as creative director. The official release date is unfortunately unknown but they told us that in late 2019 or early 2020, there’s something coming up.

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